Narrow Mind

	you feel very important
	and think of humanity
	as the peak of the evolution
	as the perfect creation

|	you only see what you belive
|	and belive what you can see
|	not open your mind
|	hiding in you limited world
	but life is bigger than us
	the whole universe is life
	in thousand different forms
	uncounted variations

	yet invisible to us
	invisible to you forever
	cause you narrow your mind
	to only things you can see


	of cource we can't see them
	or do you really think
	that a little bacterium
	can see you as a lifeform

	your body is its universe
	everything at all
	the bound of its existence
	where it's born and where it dies

	but some of them are able
	to leave this little world
	and experience the wideness
	of another universe


	so open up your narrow mind
	break out of your cage
	the world is more then you can see
	the world is more - then you can see

  © by ensonic/ekso:r 19.Mar.2000